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older dogs

Dennis and Donna Humphries-----------Fort Peck, Mt

Don and Ellzie Reidel-------------Sequim, Washington

Dr. Ed Scissons-----------------Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

Steve Maxwell--------------------------------Jerome, Idaho

Charlie George----------------------Merrit Island, Florida

Paul Ruppert----------------------------------Franklin, Ohio

Danny Kingsley-------------------------------Franklin, Ohio

Rod and Meg Farr------------------------Polson, Montana

Thomas King---------------------------Bozeman, Montana

John Engstom-----------------------Sequim, Washington

Steve Lemon---------------------------------Alberta Canada

Danny Veenstra-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Filer, Idaho

Amber Blakely----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Miles City, Montana

Jeff Hunsicker------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Golden, Colorado

Mary O'dea-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nashua, Montana

Adam Tewell------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bozeman, Montana

Jory Casterline----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Glasgow, Montana

Dain Trafton-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Livingston,Montana


lion country
Our Training Supplies come from
Lion Country Supply
Worlds Premier Hunting Dog Supplier Since 1974.
Complete source for e-collars, and other dog training supplies.

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Sporting Dogs Photography
Many of our Photos for our Web Pages were made available to us by
Nancy and Bill Whitehead from their Studio located in Hailey, Idaho.


National Llewellin Gun Dog Club
The purpose of the National Llewellin Gun Dog Club (NLGDC) is to sponsor, promote and conduct Llewellin Setter field trials; to promote safety, fellowship and good sportsmanship among sportsmen and sportswomen; and to cooperate with other organizations that share these objectives. The NLGDC has been around since 1996 (with elected officers) and there have been restricted Llewellin only trials since 1994.

Inquiries with respect to joining the NLGDC should be directed to the NLGDC Membership Page.

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Hunting with Leonardo

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